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Local backups are enough to recover IT systems from server failure and other common disasters. But a site-wide disaster will destroy those backups.

With StorageCraft® Cloud Services you’ll have the tools you need to quickly get running again should your business experience a major local disaster. StorageCraft Cloud Services stores your backups remotely so you’re ready for the worst. Recover data, even virtualize your machines and re-create your network in our cloud purpose-built for disaster recovery (DR).

Customize your cloud configuration to fit your environment and budget needs. As a StorageCraft Cloud user, you’ll enjoy:

  • Low setup, management, and overhead costs

  • Control over your own cloud settings and recoveries

  • Predictable monthly pricing

Features and benefits of StorageCraft Cloud Services

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Security and Availability

Know that your offsite data backup is safe and always available inside our distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant cloud built specifically for disaster recovery.

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Service Levels, Retention Tiers, and Mirroring

Customize your cloud storage to fit your organization’s business continuity needs and budget, whether your IT environment is small and straightforward or large and complex.

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Control and Flexibility

Centrally manage and monitor all your StorageCraft Cloud Services accounts as well as fail over in a disaster without intervention from StorageCraft.

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Advanced Network-Recovery Options

Hit the ground running after a disaster with advanced networking features (available with Cloud Premium) that enable you to run your network in our cloud just as you’d run it onsite.

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Policy-based Failover

Use Virtual Machine Policy (available with Cloud Premium) to configure and test machine boot order, timing, and dependencies, and be able to press just one button to start site-wide failover processes.

Use StorageCraft Cloud Services in these scenarios:

  • Storing important data offsite so it’s available via a shipped BMR drive regardless of what befalls the business

  • Accessing files and folders fast from anywhere you have an Internet connection when a hurricane or other disaster shuts down offices (requires Cloud Plus)

  • Virtualizing a failed server or network instantly after a server room flood or building fire (requires Cloud Premium)

  • Restoring systems and data to replacement hardware onsite using a BMR drive shipped from the StorageCraft data center

  • Having an offsite backup copy that can be easily used in a disaster and that requires low setup, management, and overhead costs

  • Having the option of choosing a different level of cloud protection for each machine in order to stay within budget and business continuity constraints


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  • “The best and most effective tools are the staff (being able to reach an actual person that is part of the company and not an outsourced individual in a foreign land) and the website. It’s always a pleasure to deal with the people at StorageCraft.”

    - John Meikle, Vice President, Sierra Computer Group

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