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Partners, businesses, and organizations in affected areas can back up systems and data for free by using a StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® SPX trial version. Download as many trial versions of our backup software as you need to protect your systems before Hurricane Irma hits. (We'll request your contact information for each trial you activate. There's no further obligation.)

Choose the trial version you need for each system.

SPX trial:

Backups don't matter if you can't restore. We'll make sure you can recover:

Get your recovery ISO.

To help you recover fast, we are offering 90 days of access, free of charge, to the ShadowProtect IT Edition 3-day ISO for partners, businesses, and organizations in Puerto Rico, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and other areas that may be impacted as the storm moves. To receive your free ShadowProtect IT Edition 3-day ISO product key, fill out the form by Sept. 30, 2017.

Once activated, the ShadowProtect IT Edition 3-day ISO empowers you to back up an unlimited number of systems and recover them to the same or different hardware during the three-day period. This includes recovering systems and data you may have already backed up with the ShadowProtect SPX trial version. You can access the ShadowProtect IT Edition three-day ISO as many times as you need during the 90-day window.

The 90-day subscription begins when your request is approved and you are provided a product key for the ShadowProtect IT Edition three-day ISO.

Free Cloud Services benefits are also available:

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In addition, we are offering cloud support to our MSP partners as they help their clients in impacted areas get their backups offsite and recover data, virtualize servers, or run their network in the StorageCraft Cloud. Current StorageCraft MSP partners can contact their Channel Account Manager for details on receiving additional StorageCraft Cloud Services benefits at no charge through September 30, 2017*:

  • For machines currently enrolled in the StorageCraft Cloud, an immediate FREE upgrade to Cloud Premium Service Level
  • FREE Cloud Premium Virtualization for an additional 30 days
  • FREE Seed Drives

* Additional StorageCraft Cloud Services benefits are limited to current StorageCraft MSP partners. StorageCraft MSP partners must sign the MSP Agreement and the Cloud Product Agreement, and provide their credit card during the sign-up if they don’t already have an account. Free benefits apply to September 2017 billing only. Partner must provide the unique IDs for the Cloud Machines in order for StorageCraft to mark them as non-billable for September 2017. Beginning with October Cloud Invoicing, Cloud machines will be charged under terms consistent with the Cloud Product Agreement.