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1 English

Note: The "Latest PDF" document for each product may take longer to load because the PDFs are generated from the most recently published version of the associated HTML document. Generated PDFs ensure that you get the most up-to-date version of each document.


Latest Version (HTML)
Latest PDF
Older Versions
ShadowProtect SPX PDF User Guide ShadowProtect SPX User Guide_en
ShadowProtect PDF User Guide

SPUser Guide 4.2.7_en


ImageManager PDF User Guide

IM6 User Guide_en
ShadowControl PDF User Guide CMDUserGuide_2.01_en
MSP PDF User Guide MSP-Licensing-Guide-415_en
StorageCraft Autotask PSA Integration User Guide

PSA-Autotask PDF User Guide 


StorageCraft ConnectWise PSA Integration User Guide

PSA-ConnectWise PDF User Guide  

Cloud Services PDF User Guide


StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery with Backup Analyzer

File Backup-Data Analyzer PDF User Guide  

StorageCraft Cloud Backup


Cloud Backup PDF User Guide



ShadowStream Benchmarks and Best Practices


ShadowStream PDF User Guide


SSguide_en Legacy 2014 

Recovery Environment for Windows PDF User Guide

RE User Guide v5.1.5 English



Recovery Environment Cross Platfrom PDF User Guide

ShadowProtect GRE User Guide


GRE PDF User Guide


ShadowProtect GRE v7.5


Reference Information
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Latest Version (wiki) Latest Version (PDF) Archived Versions (PDF)
ShadowProtect SPX ユーザー ガイド SPXUserGuide_ja.6.x.pdf



ShadowProtect ユーザガイド  SPUserGuide_5.1_ja.pdf SP-User-Guide-415_ja.pdf
StorageCraft Recovery Environment ユーザガイド  REUserGuide_2.1_ja.pdf



StorageCraft Recovery Environment CrossPlatform ユーザー ガイド  REXUserGuide_1.1_ja.pdf  REXUserGuide_1_ja.pdf
ShadowProtect IT Edition ユーザーガイド  ITUserGuide_5_ja.pdf IT-User-Guide-415_ja.pdf
StorageCraft ImageManager ユーザガイド  IMUserGuide_6.0_ja.pdf IMUserGuide_Ja_5.pdf
ShadowProtect MSP ライセンス ガイド  MSPUserGuide.pdf ShadowProtect MSP ライセンス ガイド.pdf
ShadowControl CMD ユーザー ガイド   CMD-User-Guide ja.pdf
Granular Recovery for Exchange ユーザー ガイド GREUserGuide_v8.0_ja.pdf  GREUserGuide_ja.pdf 
ReadMe Files    
StorageCraft 用語集