Installing the Endpoint Agent

The Endpoint Agent is a Windows- or Linux-based client installed on each monitored system. It gathers endpoint data, and performs tasks as directed by the ShadowControl appliance. You must install the endpoint agent software on each system you want to monitor and manage.

System Requirements

Before installing the endpoint agent, make sure your system meets the following requirements:

  • The endpoint agent hardware and software requirements match those of ShadowProtect, ShadowProtect SPX, and ImageManager.
  • The endpoint agent supports ShadowProtect v5.0, ShadowProtect SPX, and StorageCraft ImageManager v7.0.6 (to take advantage of the latest ShadowControl 4.0.0 features) or newer.
  • Endpoint agent communication with the ShadowControl appliance requires the following ports: 80, 443 or 8443, and 5556.

Note: Endpoint agents can monitor systems without ShadowProtect or ImageManager installed, but only basic detail for those endpoints is provided.

To install the ShadowControl agent on an endpoint and subscribe the endpoint to your ShadowControl appliance, use one of the following options:

  • Install the endpoint agent automatically as part of a Push Install.
  • Install the endpoint agent manually with one of the following options:
    • In ShadowControl click  Configure ShadowControl > Appliance Settings > Endpoint Installation.
    • From the Dashboard, click EndPoint Installation Instructions.
    • Get the ISO or MSI installation files from the StorageCraft Software Downloads page

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