Installing the vCenter Plugin

To install the vCenter plugin:

  1. In the ShadowControl console, select Push Install from the Manage Endpointsdropdown menu.
     Note: ShadowControl displays the Push Install option only for Administrative users, not for Read-Only users.
  2. In the Push Install page, click Discovery with vCenter PlugIn
  3. In the vCenter Plugin Setup dialog, provide the required information, then click Install Plugin.
    - IP Address or Hostname for the vCenter system 
    - Valid credentials to log into vCenter.
    - Alternate port if the default Port 443 is in use by another process.
  4. On your Vmware hypervisor, log out of vSphere, then log back in.
  5. Run the vSphere client in a browser to display the vCenter home page and open a session with the vCenter host. 

    Note the addition of the StorageCraft icon in the Monitoring section. This indicates that the plugin successfully installed.

     9. Proceed to the Configure the vCenter Plugin section.

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