ShadowProtect User Guide

Welcome to the StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® User Guide. This edition covers ShadowProtect versions up to v5.2.7 of these products:

  • Desktop
  • Server
  • Small Business
  • Virtual

and related sections for the ShadowProtect IT Edition and the StorageCraft Recovery Environment.

This version supports Windows 10 systems.

This Guide describes the ShadowProtect technology, how to use the product, and how to get the most out of ShadowProtect. While ShadowProtect comes in multiple editions, most of the differences between these editions relate to the associated user license. When there is specfic information for an edition, this Guide notes this.

Edition Description
ShadowProtect Desktop Provides volume backup and restore options for a single desktop system. This edition is most suitable for home use.
ShadowProtect Server Provides backup and restore options for server operating systems. ShadowProtect Server requires a separate license for each installed OS.
ShadowProtect for Small Business Provides backup and restore options for Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS). ShadowProtect SBS requires a separate license for each installed OS.
ShadowProtect MSP Provides a subscription-based licensing model for Managed Service Providers (MSP) that want to provide disaster recovery solutions for their clients.
ShadowProtect Virtual Provides a VM-based licensing model for disaster recovery in a virtualized environment.

This Guide includes the following major sections:

Additional Information

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