The Retention tab sets policy for automatically managing the retention of backup images. ShadowProtect only displays the Retention tab for weekly or monthly jobs. (Continuous incremental jobs use ImageManager to enforce retention policy.)

The Retention tab includes the following options:

Option Default Description
Enable a retention policy OFF Enables or disables an automatic retention policy. The following settings outline this policy.
Number of backup Image Sets to retain 3 Specifies the maximum number of image sets to keep. When ShadowProtect reaches this set maximum, it deletes the oldest image set after running the next backup.

Delete both Full and Incremental backup images in the set OFF

Instructs ShadowProtect to delete all files, both full and incremental, when removing an old image set.

Note: By default, ShadowProtect enforces the retention policy (and deletes an older set) only after creating a new image set. This means that ShadowProtect creates the Maximum +1 image set first before deleting the oldest image set. This ensures that it always keeps the maximum number of image sets. However the drive storing the sets must have space for M+1 sets temporarily while ShadowProtect creates the newest backup.

Delete only Incremental backup images (retain Full backup images) ON Instructs ShadowProtect to delete only the incremental backup images when removing an old image set.
Enforce policy before starting the next Full backup OFF

Instructs ShadowProtect to make room for a new image set by deleting the oldest image set before creating the new image set. This reduces the amount of disk space needed to adhere to the specified retention policy.

Note: Use this setting to further limit the amount of space taken with backup files.


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