This release of VirtualBoot has the following limitations:

  • Supports boot volumes only up to 2TB. However, VirtualBoot supports data volumes (non-bootable) of any size.
  • Does not support UEFI-based system volumes.
  • Does not support LBD/4K hard disk volumes which report 4096-byte sector size to the OS. However, Advanced Format hard disks, which have 4096-byte sectors but report 512-byte sectors to the OS, are supported.
  • Performing a virtual boot of Windows Small Business Server (SBS) may require 16GB or more to deliver full functionality.
  • If the host crashes while running a VirtualBoot VM, you must create a new VM using the latest Incremental backup image file created in the VM. (This requires having ShadowProtect run on the VM.) For more information, see the VirtualBoot Scenarios.
  • VirtualBoot does not run in a Windows 2000 Terminal Services session.
  • VirtualBoot does not support NETGEAR ReadyDATA VHDX backup files of system volumes.

Note: Windows Activation may intentionally lock some OEM copies of Windows to specific machines. This may also be true of various applications. Some OEM licenses may, in fact, not reactivate except on the original machine. In these cases, using VirtualBoot to launch a Windows VM based on a Windows OEM license or include applications with restricted licenses may run for only a limited period without activation. Consult with Microsoft or the application vendor on reactivation options. 

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