Cloud Requirements and Restrictions

System requirements for ShadowProtect can be found at ShadowProtect system requirements. You can also look at ImageManager system requirements for additional information. 

Replication Requirements

You should meet these requirements if you want to take advantage of all the latest StorageCraft Cloud Services features and the new pricing model:

  • You must use encrypted (password protected) ShadowProtect backup image files.
  • You must have a StorageCraft Cloud Services account (created in the StorageCraft Partner Portal).
  • You must create a StorageCraft Cloud location and cloud replication target in ImageManager.  
  • The encrypted ShadowProtect backup image files should be managed by ImageManager version 7.0.6 or newer. Using the latest, most up to date versions of ShadowProtect and ImageManager allow you to take advantage of all the StorageCraft Cloud Services features.

Seed and BMR Drives - Additional Fees May Apply

Seed or BMR Drives

Important: There will be a charge for lost or damaged seed or BMR drives, and drives not promptly returned. There is also a charge for lost shipping containers.


Test BMR Drive Requests

Important: There is a fee for each Test BMR Request. Test BMRs are only processed Monday through Friday and only between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Test BMRs will not be shipped overnight. They will be shipped with Standard 2-3 day shipping.

True BMR requests are free, are worked on as soon as possible, and will be shipped overnight. 


Important Service Level Restrictions

Plan carefully before choosing a service level. You have 7 days after initial agent creation (setting the service level for a specific end point) to change the service type before it gets locked in. There is also a 7-day waiting period if you change service levels after the initial 7-day period.

Restrictions Summary:

  • Service level "locked in" 7 days after initial machine creation
  • No method to fast track level changes
  • Level changes require a minimum of 7 days before becoming active
  • Level changes don't become active until the beginning of the month (after the 7-day waiting period)



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