Verify Backup Images

The ImageManager verification service can periodically test the integrity of your backup image files. This verification of file integrity is similar to the manual process provided by ShadowProtect (see Verifying Backup Image Files in the ShadowProtect User Guide). While the Verification service is enabled by default, you can configure specific verification behavior for each managed folder.

To configure the verification service:

  1. In the ImageManager console, select the ImageManager agent and expand the managed folder.
  2. Below the managed folder, double-click Verification (or right-click Verification and select Properties).
  3. On the Verification tab of the Managed Folder Settings dialog, provide the desired information, then click Save.
Override Verification settings for this managed folder (Only available on subfolders.) Instructs ImageManager to override the Backup Store level verification policy and use this policy instead.
Immediately verify newly created image files (Default: Enabled) Instructs ImageManager to verify each backup image file immediately following its creation.
Periodically re-verify existing image files (Default: Reverify every seven days) Instructs ImageManager to re-verify backup image files in the managed folder on a regular basis. You can re-verify the backup image files every 1 - 30 days, as specified in the Days field.
Override default performance impact for image file verification

(Default: Disabled) Lets you manage how the ImageManager agent uses processing resources during the verification process. More processing resources result in faster verification, but can impact other system operations.

When this setting is disabled, the agent uses the throttling setting in Agent Settings to manage I/O usage by ImageManager.

See the General tab in Agent Settings.


Automatically boot via integrated StorageCraft VirtualBoot™ technology, providing an email with attached screenshot of the System Login Screen. StorageCraft VirtualBoot requires that the Hyper-V role is enabled on Server 2012 R2, or that Oracle VirtualBox be installed.

Please refer to Supported Hypervisors for Advanced Verification page the for supported versions.

Advanced Verification Key Points:

  • Backups of 4K/Advanced Format drives won’t successfully boot (or verify) with Advanced Verification unless 512-byte sector emulation (512e) is enabled on the volumes being backed up.
  • Advanced verification only perform a VirtualBoot of the OS volume.
  • When configured for multiple folders, Advanced verification will perform one VirtualBoot at a time.
  • VMs are created without a NIC.
  • ImageManager matches the minimum VirtualBox system requirements for memory. There are no options to allocate extra memory to the VM.
  • Advanced verification occurs once the consolidated file is created.
Important: Advanced verification is now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2. It also requires the Hyper-V role and the StorageCraft VirtualBoot Hyper-V Plugin.
Ensure new consolidated image files successfully boot

(Default: Disabled) Instructs ImageManager to automatically verify newly created consolidated images using VirtualBoot.

This can be accomplished using consolidated Daily image files, consolidated Weekly image files, or consolidated Monthly image files.

When this option is first selected the following prompt appears with a link to the StorageCraft VirtualBoot Hyper-V Plugin, or the most recent VirtualBox version compatible with ImageManager.

See Supported Hypervisors for Advanced Verification for more information.

Wait to capture a screenshot of the booted image:
(Default: 5 minutes) Specify how long to wait, after images have been booted using VirtualBoot, to capture a screenshot. (1-30 minutes)


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