ShadowProtect Recovery Environment has these minimum software and hardware requirements:

Hardware Recovery Environment (RE)
CPU Windows 2008-based RE: 1 GHz or faster
Windows 2008-based RE (Japan only): 1.4 GHz (x64 processor) or 1.3GHz (Dual Core)
Memory 1GB minimum
Note: The Recovery Environment requires at least 1GB of RAM. If the target system has less than this amount, the Recovery Environment may fail to boot. Increase the amount of RAM as required to provide 1GB. If increasing memory is not an option, use the 32-bit version of the Recovery Environment.
Motherboard Requires UEFI firmware to support GPT disks as bootable drives. When using a UEFI motherboard, the UEFI must support BIOS emulation to support Recovery Environment for Windows.
Hard Drive space N/A
CD-ROM or DVD drive Required for if the Recovery Environment is stored on a CD/DVD.
USB Port Required if using the ShadowProtect IT Edition, REWIND on a USB key, or if the backup image chain is stored on an external attached USB drive. Supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
Monitor VGA or higher resolution
Network Connectivity

Configure VMs to use an identified OS option (such as Windows) and not "Other" in order for RE to automatically load the correct network driver.

Operating System

Bootable GPT drives require the boot OS to be a 64-bit Windows OS (Windows Vista and later).

REBuilder requires Windows 7 or newer to run. (Older versions do not support the Windows ADK required to run REBuilder.)


Anti-virus programs may conflict with REBuilder creating a Recovery Environment. Temporarily turn off the anti-virus program to successfully use REBuilder.

Windows ADK

REBuilder, which creates the Windows Recovery Environment, requires a clean install of Windows ADK v8.0 or v8.1. Note that Windows does not support installing both the 8.0 version of the ADK and the 8.1 version on the same system. Although Windows does support "upgrading" an existing ADK v8.0 install to a v8.1 install, this upgraded version does not support REBuilder. If necessary, uninstall an existing v8.0 install of the ADK, then install the v8.1 of the ADK before completing the REBuilder setup.

Drivers USB drive or CD/DVD with any additional required 32-bit drivers not included with the Recovery Environment. (See Testing the Recovery Environment for details.)
Windows Deduplication Recovery Environment for Windows does not support hot backups or restores from volumes with Windows Dedup enabled.
iSCSI Recovery Environment for Windows also does not support iSCSI.

Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) Licensing

Recovery Environment for Windows allows HIR to run in the following situations. In all other cases, REWIND users must have a valid activation code to use HIR. 

  • ShadowProtect is installed and activated in the selected image file. 
  • ShadowProtect is installed and activated but is expired. 
  • ShadowProtect MSP is installed and activated, and its license is still within the subscription period.

Supported Sector Sizes

Contemporary hard drives and SSDs ship with a 4096-byte physical sector size. Most also support the 512-byte logical sector size. (These drives are often labeled 512e for "512 Byte Sector Size Emulation".) ShadowProtect supports backing up both 4096- and 512-byte logical sector sizes.

In the unusual situation of restoring a partition/volume from one logical sector size to another:

  • 512 bytes per logical sector  -> 4096 bytes per logical sector (and the destination does not support 512e)
  • 4096 bytes per logical sector  ->   512 bytes per logical sector

ShadowProtect will issue an error message during the restore if it encounters a mis-matched sector size.

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