StorageCraft ShadowStream User Guide

Understanding ShadowStream

Welcome to the StorageCraft ShadowStream User Guide. This guide will help you understand how to install, configure and use ShadowStream to perform ImageManager replication jobs.

Important: ShadowStream is a premium feature which requires a license. Each ShadowStream license supports one Remote Replication (off-site) job.

The new StorageCraft ShadowStream is a high-performance transfer tool (for off-site replication) that lets you send backup image files to a destination system. In some situations (bad network traffic-high latency or heavy loss) ShadowStream is considerably faster than legacy ShadowStream and  much faster than using traditional FTP.


ShadowStream greatly reduces the time needed to replicate data over noisy or high latency (>150-200ms) networks even when replicating full backup images. It is also simpler to configure and maintain than conventional FTP.

ShadowStream has two parts:

  • ShadowStream service (server)
  • Administrator console (client)
Note: ShadowStream currently installs both the service and the client with a single installer. There is not a separate installer for the client (console). The capability to install the client separately may be added in the future.


Creating ShadowStream Replication Jobs in ImageManager

When you are finished configuring ShadowStream you can use ImageManager to create ShadowStream replication jobs. 

Important: Multiple ImageManager agents can use the same ShadowStream service. 

See  Configuring Locations in the ImageManager User Guide for additional details.


ShadowStream User Guide document version 2.0
April 23, 2015

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