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Tail Log Viewer


I would like to have a built in method for ShadowProtect to view a tail of the log file (running view). I find that my go to motion when I am working on backups is to download Baretail Free ( then have to open the log file to see what is going on during a faulty job. ShadowProtect version 5 used to include this function, now in version 6, it is a static log. 


I fail to see a single StoageCraft product that would not benefit from this sort of function. ImageManager, ShadowProtect (all versions), ShadowControl, etc.

Non-SQL aware backups fail or warn


We recently had a restore fail because the program we were backing up was not MSSQL and were not aware that such databases need to be backed up differently. 

It would be beneficial for the backup to either fail or warn after detecting that the database is not using VSS Certified snapshots via MSSQL or database is not flushed out when backups occur. 

Perhaps it is part of the verification process as well/instead of?

Image Repair Utility


I have a customer who was hit with a ransomware (Dharma). This ransomeware only encrypts the first 1024k of each file. Of course it encrypted the backup files as well. Luckily we had a weekly replication rotation for the servers, so we only lost one week worth of data. It also infected some of the desktops. I was able to recover the Outlook files by using the native scnpst.exe utility with minimal data loss. If there was some sort of image repair utlity I woud have potentially lost no data. Instead I have a 700GB useless file.

Notification of Unprotected Volume


I could be missing the setting for this, but it would be great to have some sort of notification / status warning for volumes that are not being backed up.  This would really need to be something that we can customise to turn off warnings on drives that are explicitly not being backed up for whatever reason.

API Access into ShadowControl


It would be great if we can get API Access into the ShadowControl Appliance.  To start with this would allow me to be able to integrate into our ticketing system and dashboards, along with create our own custom reports.

Integration into AEM (Autotask Endpoint Manager)


Can you look at getting integration working with AEM.  Shadow Control would be a great place to start along with SPX.

Request SD / SDXC Support for including in source backup



On ShadowProtect v5 it's possible to backup SD Card but on ShadowProtect SPX isn't possible.

Since SD is becoming more and more used on laptops, allowing users to expand internal storage capacity, due it's affordable price and it's write/reading performance, I think it's a must StorageCraft SPX be able to backup this widely used kind of storage.

We have clients in this situation and we were forced to uninstall SPX and install the v5 version.

Thank you,

Diogo Moura
StorageCraft Partner

Email notification on Restore status


I would like Email Notification on Status of Mount Backup Image via Explore Backup.  This notification should contain the summary of the options chosen for the Mount, and it is useful as evidence that IT-dept is performing Test Restore on routine basis.

Thank you.

Active Directory Account Restore


A way to restore an AD account that was accidently deleted...

Hung backup should be a failed backup


I'd like to submit a feature that if a backup hangs, there's a timeout period of a reasonable time (I feel like if a backup is hanging for 4 hours, it should fail out).

This is important to us because if we don't get a success or fail message, it is more difficult for our monitoring to pick up there's a problem. We have since created a monitor to detect no job info in 24 hours (success or fail) as a workaround, but our automated reporting doesn't pick up the failure/hang as actual failure for auditing/reporting purposes.



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