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Non-SQL aware backups fail or warn


We recently had a restore fail because the program we were backing up was not MSSQL and were not aware that such databases need to be backed up differently. 

It would be beneficial for the backup to either fail or warn after detecting that the database is not using VSS Certified snapshots via MSSQL or database is not flushed out when backups occur. 

Perhaps it is part of the verification process as well/instead of?

Increase the time of the 'Ensure new consolidated images boot'


Hi there,

As the title says, Increase the time of the 'Ensure new consolidated images boot' in ImageManager.

Why is this limited to a seemingly arbitary 30 minutes?

I have a server that needs more time but I'm out of luck apparently.

Also this is for ImageManager 7, but the Product category does not even list version 7, which does not insipre much confidence that anyone is looking at this.


Ability to auto-mount image files for test purposes


I've been doing the SPX Specialist courses online, and in doing so, I learned that my expectation of how SPX/ImageManager works is grossly incorrect.

So I had thought that by verifying files, ImageManager was making sure the files were bootable/usable in the event of a restore, but in actuality the only way to check if files are bootable is to mount them periodically, and then dismount when done.

Is there a way to we can automate this process and fire an alert if it fails?

ShadowProtect SPX direct backup to Object Storage Repository


Object Storage is becoming the standard of Cloud Storage. Scalability, economy of APIs, increasing Public and Private solutions are good reasons to adopt it specially when our needs scale up.

I suggest to add this type of Storage as the third class ShadowProtect may use (currently local disks and network shares) or at least enable replication to object storage at ImageManager.

Thanks for your time.


ShadowControl Appliance 4.x - Replication (status rules)


Whilst it is useful to be notified of replication failures in the new 4.x applicance, it would be even more useful if we could customise the status rules for replication.

For example, rather than notifying 'failure' every time there might be a drop in connection, useful replication rules might be:

- file replication has failed 'x' times out of 'x' number of retry attempts

- file replicating is over 'x' MBs / GBs

- file replicating has been processing for over 'x' time (hrs. / days)

Imagemanager - Eject Offsite


Request to have imagemanager automatically eject external drives once replication of daily consolidated files are completed.


1) End user plugs in USB HDD

2) Imagemanager replicates backup images

3) [REQUEST] Imagemanager ejects the drive

4) End user takes USB HDD home for the night


As it stands, they have to do this manually and most users don't bother running into the risk of data corruption.

ImageManager FTP Path already managed


Image manager, when replicating two or more folders, it does not take into account that although the FTP server address is the same and there is NO subdirectory that the username and passwords differ for each connection and pops up an error "Path already managed".


we use filezilla FTP server to receive the files and each user account belongs to a group which has the path as '\\<server>\<share>\:u' This uses the username of the FTP connection as the folder.


a warning needs to popup the the abillity to aknoweldge the potentional issue.

IM 7 retention policy confusing


Hi, with the ability to set the retentions to 1-1-1 i believe there is no point being able to set 1 on the CW. it cannot remove the 1st CW until the 2nd is created this will be 7 days later?

Imagemanager verify images in read-only share.


I would like the ability to have Imagemanager verify files on a share that it only has read permission for.

I have a NAS that is pulling the images from the main repository and I would like to be able to verify those images without giving the image manager server write permissions. This is so that in the event of a malware infection no device on the network has write access to the secondary backup repository.  

ImageManager Retry Button


This is separate from my suggestion here:

Replication should be able to aggressively retry its operations if there is an error or failure and only alert if it determines that it can not continue. Minor hiccups will occur when you are transferring over a WAN connection, I want ImageManager to be a little more resilient towards this reality. If you agree with this follow the link above and vote on my other idea!


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