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HSR - displaying ready, but not caught up


SETUP:  I have a setup that replicates images offsite to a backup qnap NAS using iFTP.  The NAS has a VM that is running image manager which verifies, retention, and consolidation.

Also, I have a DR server which reads those same images using another local Image Manager - this image manager’s only task is to create a VM image file via HSR for each server and verification which it has to do as part of the process.

Image Manager service unresponsive spam



I've been having an issue at one of my sites where the ImageManager keeps sending me the following allert:

"Server (Site) - ImageManager - Service Unresponsive: Please check that the ImageManager service is running."

when i log on to investigate the service is running normally as its supposed to and there is nothing in the windows event log. I've updated to the latest version of Image Manager and tried adjusting when and how the processing takes place.


linux type Management server.



So at the moment I need to spend £500+ on a server OS to run my BDR, this is where backup images are sent to \\SMB then image manager is installed to do all its tasks. Plus virtual boot for verification and or server temp recovery.

One thing some of the other BDR solutions is that they run on their own software.

It would be really good if we could have an installable OS based on Linux type software, this could enable management for image manager based tasks, a file share for images and virtual boot for recovery.

HSR - Finalise lag time


When finalising an HSR job, currently it will not write the last X hours (Whatever your lag time is set to).

If you are trying to do a live migration from one server to another using HSR on a critical system such as SQL or Exchange, you lose the last 1 hour (minimum) of data! That makes HSR an unviable option for migrating servers.




I have just checked one of my HeadStart jobs and its failing and when looking at the logs it says SBCOMMIT_ERROR_VOLUME_OPEN_FAILED I have raised a support ticket but thought someone may have seen this before and can give guidance. 

Also I would have expected this to have been flagged in ShadowControl but it is not.

Any help would be apreciated

Sorting by Status in image manager


Hi There

We have a large backup repository that contains backups for a lot of servers.
We use image manager to verify and consolidate the images in this repository.

In the event that something has gone wrong with the backups, image manager will show an error, however there is no way to sort and see the errors at the top of the list in image manager.

Having this feature would make it much easier to see and manage any current issues in the repository.

Kind Regards
Skulk de Wet
Network Pro

Better than Apple Time Machine but how do I copy backups off my laptop?

I previously used the Acronis True Image suite but I found it unreliable. I am now trialling ShadowProtect Desktop to protect my laptop.

The gold standard for protecting personal computers must be Apple Time Machine. It simply works without having to spend several days reading the manual ( I am now on day2 of my ShadowProtect adventure).

Shadow Protect & Image Manager - Disk to Disk (Fixed XHDD) to Disk (Portable XHDD)

Hi Guys,

Apologies if this has been covered off somewhere but I can't find any reference to this.

Here is my scenario:

Shadow Protect for SBS v + Image Manager

  • SBS Server
  • Fixed HDD (S:\ShadowProtect)
  • Portable Drives (Z:\ShadowProtect) that rotate daily.

I have setup Shadow Protect with the backup destination as S:\ShadowProtect with retention for 7 days (Ensuring the disk doesn't fill up), this part is working fine.

HSR head start restore destination volume too small?

I am using Image Manager on a Windows 2012 Server.

I have setup VMware ESX/ESXi Server HSR jobs for 8 or 9 servers so far but have a couple of them failing.

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