Receiving Error: Unable to connect to destination

Hi All,

One of my clients has had successful replication occuring for many months now. After receiving a replication failure alert from the application, I checked the Imagemanager application and it is displaying the following error under the "Replicate backup images" step:

Sync error: Unable to connect to destination.


Log files say the following:

(From ftp.log) ERROR [BaseSocket] 4 Oct 2017 15:46:54.488 :  Failed to connect to within timeout 120000 ms

Event Log - Kernel Error

On a handful of units with ImageManager installed, I am seeing this error in Event Viewer around the same time ImageManager does the automatic VirtualBoot:

{Registry Hive Recovered} Registry hive (file): '\??\Z:\windows\system32\config\software' was corrupted and it has been recovered. Some data might have been lost.

Timestamps for these errors are:

Add a section for successfully replicated files to the email notification.


It would be beneficial to see, how many files were replicated to a managed destination on any given day so adding this to the daily reports would help with monitoring this."

Advanced Verification Questions

Hi Everyone,

I recently setup ImageManager for weekly advanced verification. All devices seemed to come up just fine except for one. Screenshot:


ImageManager Headstart Restore question

Have a weird situation and wondering the best way to do this. I have a server that we need to reboot due to some hardware issues and we do not believe it will come back up. I have headstart restore set up, but am unsure if it will work for what we need as far a quick restore. The resason I say this is because when I did a test restore I found that due to a problem with the server no updates will install even though they try when the server is booted from a vhd created from the chain. When it boots the updates fail and it takes 15 hours to revert the updates.

Adjust default Advanced Verification settings


I have a device that is blue screening when IM virtual boots the latest backup file with the default VirtualBox settings. I did quite a bit of testing and found that, by giving the VM additional resouces, it resolved the issue. It would be extremely convenient to have global advanced verification setting just like retention settings in IM, and then be able to override those settings on an individual basis if needed, like my case.

Offsite Replication not Syncing with Onsite Backup Drive


So I have multiple ImageManager endpoints that are replicating to our ShadowStream server. All settings on ImageManager are essentially set to default. The setting I am most concerned about is the ShadowStream replication job Replication Mode setting. Where it asks:

"Are you replicating to a folder being consolidated by a second ImageManager?"

The default is set to "No" with the "Files moved or deleted by ImageManafer are deleted on the destination" selected.

Path Separator Characters in HSR

What's the purpose of not letting us use path separator characters on a network drive location, but letting us use them for a local drive location?

Unable to Connect to ShadowStream Server


I've been running into some issues with ShadowStream on a couple different sites, but I will narrow it down to one to simplify everything.

Not too long ago, I had ImageManager v7.02 setup and running without issue for 4 different devices. All being replicated through Legacy ShadowStream. (New ShadowStream server is a work in progress) Originally, everything was running fine. I was getting backups and backups were being replicated to an off-site location.

ImageManager Retry Button


This is separate from my suggestion here:

Replication should be able to aggressively retry its operations if there is an error or failure and only alert if it determines that it can not continue. Minor hiccups will occur when you are transferring over a WAN connection, I want ImageManager to be a little more resilient towards this reality. If you agree with this follow the link above and vote on my other idea!


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