Socket Licensing Activation Proxy Included in ShadowControl Appliance


It would a great addition to include the Socket Licensing Activation Proxy as a feature in the ShadowControl Appliance, that way it doesn't require a separate server.

SHADOWCONTROL: Fix inactive folder issue for root backup folder


In ShadowControl, I find that it frequently throws the inactivity warning for the backup store root folder.  Of course this folder is inactive since no new files are added to it; but only to the subfolders within it.

I opened Case #00287858 for this issue in May and no fix has been released since then yet.

Support Push Install on vmWare vCSA


The Push Install using vCenter Discovery method fails if the vCenter server specified is a vCSA applicance (SUSE Linux based).  As vmWare is putting vCSA forward as their preferred management platform, this leaves a big hole in the ShadowControl environment.

Please develop compatibility with SUSE linux to support end-points and the vCSA push install!

Shadow Control: Report and Filter by Backup Type


It would be great if we can report on and also filter views based on the Backup Type.  In other words, I would like to know which servers are set to Continuous Incrementals and servers that are not (eg, Mixed).

Further to this, the ability to report on and filter by unprotected volumes.

ShadowControl - Remove endpoints from ShadowProtect Backups report that don't have ShadowProtect agent installed


The ShadowProtect Backups report https://SHADOWCONTROL/report/backups currently shows all endpoints that have ShadowProtect installed, regardless of whether the ShadowProtect backup agent is actually installed.

Endpoint Does Not Show Up in Console

I have this BDR that will refuse to show up on the SC console. All other devices on the network are able to subscribe, but this one just doesn't show up. When I run the 'subscribe' command, it will say that it is successful, but will never actually show up. I've also tried to use the alternative port, force the connection, and unsub and resub to the SC server but nothing seems to work.

I'm not too sure what else I can do about this.

SHADOWCONTROL: Send email for issue resolved


It would be nice if in addition to the failure messages that get sent out, if the option was present to have ShadowControl send a message of resolution as well.  We have a few administrative people whose job is to create service tickets based on email alerts from our monitoring systems.  When they come in on the weekends and some tickets have come in, we'd like them to have a mechanism for telling if a failure self-resolved since the time that the original failure/warning alert was sent.

SHADOWCONTROL: Expire login cookies


I've noticed that after I've logged into ShadowControl, I can close my browser, shut down my computer, and come back days later to launch it all and not have to log back in again.  While this is very convenient, it seems to pose somewhat of a security risk since it leaves the possibility open for someone to gain access to our ShadowControl system if I forget to logout.

Appliance backup - Local backup store not accessible by ShadowControl


I am trying to setup our ShadowControl appliance for automatic configuration backups.  Before I get into the issue, here's a few key setup details to describe the environment it lives in.

SHADOWCONTROL: Notes field for agents


It would be nice if ShadowControl had a notes field present for each agent.  This would allow us to record a few key items for an agent that may have a recurring issue that requires a fix such as a reboot or service restart for a backup issue, etc.

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