Support Push Install on vmWare vCSA


The Push Install using vCenter Discovery method fails if the vCenter server specified is a vCSA applicance (SUSE Linux based).  As vmWare is putting vCSA forward as their preferred management platform, this leaves a big hole in the ShadowControl environment.

Please develop compatibility with SUSE linux to support end-points and the vCSA push install!

How to restore multiple volumes to one vmdk file.


I've been googling like crazy and checking forums here, but I've not found an answer to my question... somehow... so I'm sorry if there is an answer for this and I've just not found it.

The question is simple, I have a server with 2 drives, a C: and a D: and when I use image convertion tool I can only create 1 vmdk file for C: and 1 vmdk file for D:, but I want to have both drives in one vmdk file, I know that this is possible somehow because a colleague did it but he can't remember how he did it.


Thanks in advance!

add support for linux version of vcenter


i have seen a more environments that are using the vcenter server appliance to manage the host and im getting requests to backup the appliance if we could back these appliances up with SC that would be awesome.

Increase 2tb limit for HSR to VMDK


HSR to VMware there is a 2tb volume limit, can we please get this resolved.

HSR is undoubetibly the easiest way to restore a VM, using Hyper-V for VHDX support isnt an acceptable option in an all VMware enviorment.

ShadowProtect and Exchange 2010

Current Exchange 2010 server running under CItrix XenServer 6.1  - protected by current release of ShadowProtect, and that works great.  Howvever...when trying to restore the server to VMware 5.1U1 - it breaks outbound Exchange email. I have been reading a bunch of posts elsewhere about SID issues, but wanted to check with StorageCraft support or other forum members about getting this to work.  We're migrating to VMware from XenServer and so far this has gone quite well (a bump or two) utilizing ShadowProtect.  But Exchange is not playing nicely on this.

Creation of VMs on a schedule

We are using ShadowProtect Desktop to back up three machines in our office. We would like to be able to have a server take the .spf and .spi files and build VMWare virtual machines off of them on a weekly basis (over the weekend). I know that this can be done manually via the Image Conversion tool, but is there a way to do this on a schedule, or perhaps a command-line tool that I can use to do this?



SSL certificate problems...

We have ShadownControl CMD 1.3 installed and working fine in production but wanted to add an SSL cert at some point. I generated a CSR using XCA and used the private key along with the issued cert and intermediate bundle provided. When I install the cert, I close the page and re-open it. Everything appears fine, the cert shows as valid but when I reboot the appliance, the web console no longer loads up. I have to restore from backup in order to get it functional again. I have tested this twice now using VMware workstation.

Appliance dies and has to be recreated

I've had to recreate my appliance in VMware twice now because it will simply stop responding to web requests. I can see the OS running and the login prompt is available at the console, but no matter how many times I restart it the web portal will not respond. How can we make sure this doesn't happen again? Can you provide a better list of VM requirements based on the number of agents I have checking in?

SBS 2003 HIR to Vmware esxi

Hello, the posts and documentation I found on the subject date from 2008 or 2009. Is there anything different in the procedure outlined with SP 4.0 (Active Directory, NICs, etc.)?

Also, the SBS 2003 we are restoring is on a software RAID1 array  (Windows 2003 RAID). Should we break the mirroring before imaging?

Thank you for your input.

Restore from USB in ESXi

I have a server, while old, serving as a backup. Part of my companies plan is to do a disaster recovery test once a year. While, I can transfer over network during this test typically this isn't the situation, as my backups are located off site on a USB drive. What I'd like to do, is be able to boot up ESXi on my server (that part works), and restore a backup off of a USB drive (that part doesnt work). My ESXi server recognizes the USB controller on my server, and I can even add the USB drive as a datastore if I wanted to.

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