What do I do with the ISO file I downloaded?

The ISO file may be burned to CD to create the ShadowProtect® Recovery CD. This can be done using most commercial CD-burning applications, such as Roxio, Nero, and many others. If you do not have a CD-burning application, there are free tools available on the Internet for burning ISO files to CD, or you can use ISOTool.exe, an ISO burning tool that is included with ShadowProtect.. In the burning process, the software will extract the necessary files from the ISO image file and place them on the CD.

Once the CD is burned, you should be able to boot to it or, if you insert it into a running Windows machine, it should open the install page for ShadowProtect®. You may also browse to the CD in Windows Explorer and see that multiple files are on the disc. If you do not see this, it is possible that the CD was not burned properly. For example, you might have ended up with a CD containing a copy of the ISO file (which, of course, would not work). In this case you may need to refer to your CD-burning software's documentation to get help with burning the ISO to CD correctly, or to verify that the software is capable of dealing with ISO files.

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