What is StorageCraft ShadowProtect, and what does it do?

ShadowProtect® is StorageCraft's backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows. It allows the users to schedule (or manually create) frequent, image-based backups of their local disks and store them on disk-based or network destinations. The backup images include all files, settings, programs, and operating system files on the volume, and are an exact representation of the entire volume at the time the backup was created.

ShadowProtect uses Microsoft's VSS framework to create snapshots of local volumes in a way that is both quick and unobtrusive and does not require applications to be closed before the backup. ShadowProtect creates a clean and usable backup while programs are running, even enterprise applications such as SQL Server and Exchange.

More information about ShadowProtect Desktop, ShadowProtect Server, ShadowProtect for Small Business, ShadowProtect Virtual, ShadowProtect IT Edition can be found on their respective product pages.

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