Frequently Asked Questions - ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers

No. Your previous installations of ShadowProtect continue to function normally as long as they are licensed and activated. New MSP-based installations of ShadowProtect must use ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers.

Each day, the ShadowProtect agent “calls home” to the StorageCraft activation server. The StorageCraft activation server identifies the Windows operating system where ShadowProtect is installed (desktop, server or small business) and bills you accordingly.

You need a separate product key for each system where ShadowProtect is installed. You can generate and manage those keys yourself through the MSP Licensing Console. You no longer need to call StorageCraft for additional product keys, or if you need to deactivate or reactivate a product key.

You can download ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers directly from the MSP Licensing Console. Log in to the StorageCraft Partner Portal to access the MSP Licensing Console for the first time: Your MSP Licensing Console login credentials are the same as your partner portal login credentials. If you are unsure of your login credentials, please contact StorageCraft at (801) 545-4700 or e-mail Download the ShadowProtect for Managed Services Quick Start Guide to help you get started:

We are encouraging MSPs to update and activate all existing installations to ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers within 90 days. This allows you to take advantage of the features in ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers. We know that this may not be possible in all circumstances. Please contact your Channel Sales Manager if you have specific questions or concerns about your existing installations.

ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers includes a “call home” feature where the ShadowProtect agent contacts the StorageCraft activation server on a daily basis to verify the ShadowProtect installation is licensed and active. Through the MSP Licensing Console, MSPs can disable an active license if customers are no longer using their services, or add additional product keys when customers need additional backup, disaster recovery, data protection and/or system migration services.

ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers allows MSPs to remotely deactivate and reactivate a ShadowProtect license. In addition, ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers allows you to verify the status of ShadowProtect licenses, add new license keys, create billing and activation reports and reconcile licensing information – all through the new MSP Licensing Console.

Based on feedback from our Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners, we wanted to create a way for MSPs to remotely deactivate ShadowProtect installations, should the need arise.

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