Image Manager Replication Automation


Perhaps the most annoying part about the offsiting is the inconsistent nature of the connection. When you setup offsiting via iFTP, and the process is interrupted, it doesn't automatically just start back up again. It should be CONSTANTLY turning back on again! Like, that's what youi want in an offsiting product, I would say at least once a minute at least, if not every 10 seconds. I shouldn't have to login a week later and find it in a Failed state and my offsite out of date by a week. I spend long enough checking on the hundreds of offsite replications I have setup, I shouldn't have to battle this very easy-to-fix problem. Because, all I ever have to do is pause and unpause, and lo and behold, the offsiting resumes normally! Make it automatically do it. If there are replication issues causing an inability to connect to the remote FTP server, all the more reason to make that thing check back in every 10 seconds until it reconnects. 

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