Manage all backup stores from Shadow Control Appliance for all endpoints


We are an MSP and efficiency is critical to managing many endpoints.  The less we have to touch endpoints the better.  

Currently the only way to manage an endpoints backup store is to have it be part of a Backup Policy or manage it manually from SPX console.  At most sites that we manage, the backup stores are the same and being able to manage the backup stores / backup targets saves alot of time.  For example Rebasing, we can pause all the jobs, change backup stores, kick off a full backups (which is a manually process but still saves a ton of time)

Associatiing all backup stores for a site via the organization seems like a good way.  This way the endpoint  not in a backup policy is aware of all backup stores at a site, and can be manually configured to use any at will.

Endpoints in Backup Policy:  I know this can be pretty hard to do, but maybe the Backup Policy can have more then one backup store where it enumerates one as the primary.  This would handle any endpoints that need to have more then one backup and addtional backups from endpoint can be done manully.

Hope this is not too confusing.


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