ShadowProtect SPX High CPU Usage on Windows 10

Hello.  I have ShadowProtect SPX (6.5.2) running on a Windows 10 desktop.  My backups run fine, but I noticed that it's constantly taking around 15% of my CPU (per Task Manager) on my computer (which is pretty new with a fast CPU, plenty of memory, etc.).  That's without the client open and with no backups running.  I have some full backups scheduled to run weekly, but nothing continuous.  I don't see this phenomenon on an older Windows 7 laptop that I have.  I submitted a support case nine days ago but haven't heard anything since the automated message thanking me for submitting the case (which is disappointing since I have paid for maintenance and support for years).

Does anyone have any clues?  Is this a known problem on Windows 10?  Is there something in the configuration that I'm missing?






These kinds of issues are

These kinds of issues are pretty hard to track down. For example, on the windows 10 desktop I am using, I'm currently idling at 2% CPU with three monitors and several dozen processes running. What kind of CPU do you have?

It's an Intel Core i7-6700 @

It's an Intel Core i7-6700 @ 3.4 GHz.  32 GB memory.  64-bit Windows 10.


So its actually considerably

So its actually considerably better than my hardware, I think there might be something else going on with your system to generate that level of use.



You might find this utility useful:




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Same Issue

I noticed this same issue after the latest Windows 10 update (1703). Submitted a ticket.

Feedback from StorageCraft

I eventually heard from someone at StorageCraft tech support.  He basically told me that the server is targeted for servers and the high CPU usage was normal.  He seemed to be discouraging me from using it for personal backups.  I haven't changed backup software yet, but don't plan to renew my maintenance and will switch software when I get a chance.


What kind of processor does

What kind of processor does your machine have? My installation of SPX idles in the 1-2% range on an i7-4790.

Nevermind I see I already asked you that. Your processor is better then the one I have, it shouldn't be idling that high. The only difference is I am still on the anniversary update. Have your run a chkdsk since you upgraded? Maybe somethings got moved around and the service is having more issues getting to it?

High CPU Usage

I don't recall running chkdsk.  I have defrag software, and only run chkdsk if there's a problem, and I don't recall doing that.  The computer isn't all that old.  At least from what they support guy that I spoke with said, it sounds like the product is no longer intended for home backups, and he said he saw nothing wrong with it taking up all that CPU bandwidth.


regardless of our intended

regardless of our intended audience it shouldn't be taking up that much CPU. Try running a chkdsk /f and see if that cleans anything up. What kind of storage are you backing up to? Local or a NAS or something like that?


I tend to judge performance

I tend to judge performance based on their white paper:

Where it states -

“When making incremental backup images, its most common activity, the ShadowProtect agent has the following system impact:

  • Preparing for backup: 12% CPU utilization for ~10 seconds.
  • Creating a backup: 5% – 5.4% CPU utilization for ~7 seconds (including VSS).
  • Between backups: Negligible CPU utilization.
  • Memory footprint: 6MB – 30MB (based on workload).

Both Full and Differential backup images cause a spike in both CPU and memory utilization. However, full backups can be scheduled for off-hours, and differentials should be rare under normal operation (typically the result of a system crash).”

I had assumed this still might be the case, even for SPX. Perhaps StorageCraft can clarify?


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This should still be the case

This should still be the case and is the normal load I see on my machine currently.

High CPU Usage

I tried chkdsk /f, but it had no effect.  I'm backing up to external USB 3.0 drives, not to NAS.  But even when I deleted all scheduled backups, ShadowProtectSPX constantly consumed about 15-16% of my CPU on a pretty new, powerful machine.  As I recall, somewhere along the way I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the software.  And before their support person told me this is normal and the software isn't intended for personal backups, a different tech support person had me try all sorts of registry changes that clobbered my system's performance in general but didn't reduce the CPU usage.


Not sure which noob you

Not sure which noob you talked to in support but SPX works fine on all windows machines, not just servers.  Their tech-info page confirms this.

I run SPX on my laptop which is a Core i7-4710MQ, 16GB RAM, SSD 256GB (Data) + 1TB HDD (backups).  Works fast and well.  spx_service.exe is indeed using negligible CPU when idle.


Don't make me use uppercase...

I'm having the exact same

I'm having the exact same issue.  Tried upgrading from 6.3 to 6.5.1 with no effect.  CPU isn't "niced" in the UNIX sense either, the process uses one whole core as soon as the first backup process kicks off, regardless if another process needs the CPU.

Anyone have any insight?


Where did you get a copy of

Where did you get a copy of 6.5.1? We hotfixed that build to 6.5.2

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