Error: 302 Cannot take snapshot. Error: Catastrophic failure 0x8000FFFF

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Backup is failing due to the following error:

302 Cannot take snapshot. Error: Catastrophic failure 0x8000FFFF


If a manual incremental image can be created, but not a scheduled incremental, then this issue is most likely caused by file system corruption.


File system corruption is a form of corruption that does not involve a physical issue with the hard drive, but indicates an issues with the software that instructs the system on how to store files. This form of corruption is common and does not indicate a lasting issue with the computer.

It is however, an issue that can become serious over a period of time and can cause data loss if not resolved quickly.

It is recommended that you run CHKDSK /r on the drive that is experiencing the problem. NOTE: CHKDSK does not always find or repair these errors. Much of the time it is necessary to obtain a better diagnostic repair utility from the Hard Drive Manufacturer.

Below is a list of links to diagnostic/repair utilities from many of the major hard drive manufacturers.

In some extreme situations the file system may be too corrupted to repair. In this situation it is recommended to get whatever form of backup you can and restore the data on a file level instead of on an image based level. Restoring the entire backup image also restores the file system and any corruption that the file system may be experiencing. If none of these utilities are able to repair the file system, then ShadowProtect should only be used on the file level by mounting an image and copying the contents to another volume.

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