Alternative Methods to Shrinking volume size for your drives.

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You may receive the following error message when attempting to select a volume on which to perform a restore of an image:

"The selected free space is not large enough for the backup image. Select other free space or create more free space to restore the backup image."


Please note that this can happen even if you are restoring to a disk that you consider (based on the disk size stated on the packaging or sales information) to be the same size as the disk from which the image was taken. This can occur because of slight differences in disk layout between different manufacturing brands. Another reason this may occur is that even if you have only 10GB of data on your 100GB volume, the image still needs to be restored to a partition that is as large, or larger than 100GB.


Alternative Methods

The ShadowProtect Mount Tools Method

If you do not have quick access to the recovery environment you can also use the ShadowProtect Mount Tools to shrink a volume on a computer.  It needs to have the Mount Tools installed and have direct access to a backup chain. This will have the same limitations as listed above.

          1. Right click on the last image in the image chain and select the "Mount" option.
          2. Step through the wizard until the option to assign a drive.  On this screen select the "Allow writes" option at the bottom.
          3. Finish stepping through the wizard and it will create a new drive.
          4. From windows explorer select the newly mounted drive. Right click and select "Dismount" (quick dismount will not give the option to shrink.
          5. Step through the wizard and select the "Save changes to incremental file" option then next and finish. (If the option to shrink is grayed out, then the image was not mounted as writable and would need to be mounted again.

The VMWare Method

 An alternative to this method is to restore to a VMware virtual machine, which gives the option to reduce the volume size to be just large enough to contain the actual amount of data on the volume. Once running the image as a virtual machine, you should create a new image using ShadowProtect within the VM and use this new image to restore to hardware. For details on how to perform this, please visit the Asia Pacific Knowledge base at, select the [Service and Support] tab then select the [APAC Knowledgebase].  Perform a search for "Resize image to fit onto a smaller disk."

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