Error: GRE_ERR_JETATTACHDATABASE (A0010012 and -1206)

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Status Code A0010012 and -1206 in the GRE logs (GRE_ERR_JETATTACHDATABASE)


EDBENum_Mailbox log error entry:

07/01/2015 14:21:20:480 TID:***** ERROR JETObjects\JetDatabase.cpp 193 JetAttachDatabase2 failed for EDB :  <EDB path>  with error : -1206

GRE.log error entries:

07/01/2015 14:21:21:042 TID:***** ERROR SearchManagerEdb.cpp 548 EDB status error: -1610547182 GRE_ERR_JETATTACHDATABASE: Failed to attach JET Database

07/01/2015 14:21:20:480 TID:***** ERROR GREEDBEnumerator.cpp 498 Failed to prepare the EDB for Enumeration after Recover/Repair. Error = -1610547182 (0xA0010012)

07/01/2015 14:21:20:480 TID:***** ERROR GREEDBEnumerator.cpp 179 Failed to get EDB to Clean Shutdown State and Prepare it for Enumeration. Error = -1610547182 (0xA0010012)



Typically this combination of error messages means the Exchange database has some sort of content corruption requiring the use of Microsoft’s eseutil.exe.  



In order to resolve this issue you will need to run ESEUtil.exe outside of GRE on the EDB that you are attempting to recover from. This will need to be done at an Administrator command prompt from the directory where ESEUTIL is installed.

We would recommend going through the following Microsoft article about ESEUTIL focusing on the Before You Begin section.

Below are the links to the ESEUTIL commands including syntax that we recommend running in the order listed to attempt repair of the Exchange Database. Try each step on the mounted EDB file, then try to access it in GRE, if it still fails move onto the next operation.

When you’re using eseutil outside of GRE, the recommended order to perform these steps would be:

          • Attempt a “Recovery” – eseutil.exe /r
            • If successful then run Defragmentation - eseutil.exe /d
            • If unsuccessful then attempt “Repair” – eseutil.exe /p
              • If successful then run Defragmentation – eseutil.exe /d

If any of the above steps fail, it means the database is in a state that cannot be repaired and GRE will not be able to recover data from the EDB.  Therefore, you will need to contact Microsoft to see if they have any additional recommendations.

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