Receiving Error: Unable to connect to destination

Hi All,

One of my clients has had successful replication occuring for many months now. After receiving a replication failure alert from the application, I checked the Imagemanager application and it is displaying the following error under the "Replicate backup images" step:

Sync error: Unable to connect to destination.


Log files say the following:

(From ftp.log) ERROR [BaseSocket] 4 Oct 2017 15:46:54.488 :  Failed to connect to within timeout 120000 ms

(From ftp<servername>.log) 04-Oct-2017 15:46:54 GetImageFiles: Connect() exception: Failed to connect to within timeout 120000 ms

I can ping the actual hostname for the cloud server just fine, as well as that IP. I have made no modifications to my firewall's exceptions recently that could cause this from a network perspective. Going to the agent settings for the remote destination, opening the entry for the server, and hitting 'save' (which tests the connection before applying) yields the same error.

Any assitance helps.


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