Shrink volume size: Removing free space from an image.

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You may receive the following error message when attempting to select a volume on which to perform a restore of an image:

"The selected free space is not large enough for the backup image. Select other free space or create more free space to restore the backup image."

How To: Using Eseutil Outside of GRE

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Occasionally when troubleshooting potential issues with an EDB, you'll need to use eseutil outside of GRE.  This is needed if/when you encounter errors when attempting to open a Exchange database file (.EDB).  If this happens, running eseutil in the order outlined below to try and clean up the database is the recommended path.


When you’re using eseutil outside of GRE, the recommended order to perform these steps are:

Virtualized Hyper-V Server fails to boot with blue screen about winhv.sys

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When virtualizing a Hyper-V Server from a backup image in the StorageCraft Cloud or on other hypervisors, the Hyper-V server role can cause a blue screen to occur regarding winhv.sys


The Hyper-V server role is unable to start inside a virtualized environment.

How To: Manually Uninstall ShadowProtect SPX from Windows systems

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This document is based on the assumption that your ShadowProtect SPX application folder still exists.  If you are having trouble either installing or uninstalling the ShadowProtect SPX application, or have questions regarding this process, please open a support ticket with us so we can assist with the process.

How To: Find the serial number for StorageCraft software

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 This article covers how to find the serial numbers for ShadowProtect, ShadowControl, Granular Recovery for Exchange, ShadowProtect SPX,    and ImageManager.

ImageManager Version(s):
ShadowProtect Version(s):

Troubleshooting: Manual Activation of ShadowProtect Fails

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ShadowProtect needs to be activated in order to start taking backups, but not all Servers are allowed to connect to the internet, for Security Reasons. If a Perpetual License has been purchased then the software can be activated manually.

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