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Shrink volume size: Removing free space from an image.

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You may receive the following error message when attempting to select a volume on which to perform a restore of an image:

"The selected free space is not large enough for the backup image. Select other free space or create more free space to restore the backup image."

How To: Update GRE on your IT Edition Pro USB

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In this document we will be explaining how to update your GRE installation on your IT Edition PRO. 

First you will need to update your current installation or do a fresh installation of the latest version of GRE. Then, copy the GRE install directory to your IT Edition Pro USB stick. Once you have done those actions you will be able to run GRE on any machine with Outlook 2007 or later to restore your Exchange data. 

Granular Recovery for Exchange (GRE):

ERROR: "STOP c0000135 This application has failed to start because CSRSRV.dll was not found" when restoring Windows 2003 Server

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Windows 2003 Server is unable to boot when using VirtualBoot on the VirtualBox platform and gives the error:

STOP: c0000135 {Unable To Locate Component} This application has failed to start because CSRSRV.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

Error: Incrementals are not supported on this volume

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ShadowProtect lists an error that incrementals are not supported on this volume.


 There are two instances where this error can occur:

Errors: (-50 Request not supported) AND (-1223 Operation canceled by user) when ShadowProtect backup fails

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Backups fail with the following error codes. (These codes can be found in the ShadowProtect logs or under the Backup History tab of the Management Console.)

Example Error Codes:

Landing Page: DCOM and Communication Errors

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There are many situations in customer networks where environmental settings can interfere with the Management Console's ability to communicate with other ShadowProtect Agents. However, we have found that in many situations, the solution can be found in one of these Knowledgebase Articles.

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