In his March 27, 2012 article “Everybody Lies: Backup and Secret Agents”, Mark Campbell argues that the current trend in virtualization uses what he calls “Secret Agents”.  Secret agents are "the software that some virtualization vendors . . . put on the [VM] or host, but claim that they weren’t agents but . . . ‘infrastructure software’ . . .  It’s a game of semantics.”

Whether a system claims to be agentless or not, the work of communicating with the source operating system and organizing system backup has to be done somewhere. An “agentless” solution does so by either leveraging third-party agents, or temporarily injecting an agent, to do the work. Without some sort of agent to run the show, it isn’t possible to do fast incrementals without severely impacting system performance.

This is why StorageCraft has chosen the agent-based solution instead of going agentless. StorageCraft ShadowProtect provides some of the fastest, most efficient, and most reliable backup and recovery options on the market; and it doesn’t need to resort to “secret agents” to get the job done.

Even in virtualized environments, agent-based solutions provide a more robust, flexible and reliable solution.

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