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Whether you’re a managed service provider (MSP), reseller, or distributor, we’re here to help you help your customers.

If you want a specialist to implement a disaster recovery solution for your customers, or if you need an expert to review a disaster recovery plan you’ve created, you can rely on StorageCraft Professional Services. We go way beyond break-fix support and product education to provide you with focused consultation services.

Examples of services you might need and that we provide:

  • Get assistance constructing your new backup and disaster recovery service offering

  • Have a specialist design backup and disaster recovery architecture for a complex IT environment and provide you with diagrams

  • Have our team complete an onsite installation for you and provide post-implementation documents to you

  • Receive a review of your planned design or implementation

  • Be able to ask our experts your questions about disaster recovery design or implementation

Choose from on-demand and full-service options:

On-demand services

When you need a second pair of eyes on your plans, an assessment of a software implementation, or help resolving a problem, a StorageCraft QuickAssist team member is just an email or phone call away.

StorageCraft QuickAssist Design

A Professional Services engineer can provide a review or assessment of any disaster recovery design project you face and address your design questions and concerns.

StorageCraft QuickAssist Implementation

Our team of professionals has decades of installation experience and will review your implementation with you to ensure it is optimal and meets best practices.

StorageCraft QuickAssist Assistance

Sometimes technical challenges fall outside of StorageCraft Technical Support territory. Our specialists are available for consultation. They can remotely assist you so that you can complete the required tasks yourself.

Full-service options

When you need a senior disaster recovery engineer to take on a project you don’t have time for or to temporarily supplement your IT systems team, StorageCraft Professional Services has your back. We offer both design and implementation services.

Design Services

Engage StorageCraft Professional Services to design backup and disaster recovery architecture for your complex environment. We can augment your workforce anytime you need it.

Implementation Services

Do you need an expert to complete an onsite installation for you? We can supplement your service team and get the job done quickly and correctly. Our professionals will transfer necessary knowledge to your team and provide documentation to ensure the long-term success of the project.

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