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Local backups are enough in most instances—malware, aging equipment, or accidental file deletion, for example.

But local backups are often useless in a larger-scale disaster. Water, fire, and tornadoes aren’t particular about what they destroy.

The way to ensure you can recover your systems no matter what is to have safe copies of backups in other locations that are easy to access.

Having remote copies of your backups gives you flexibility and options when you face a disaster. That’s why the StorageCraft® Recovery Solution enables you to replicate backups both locally and offsite.

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Local or Network Replication

Replicate backup image files onto a removable drive or to a network share, and be prepared when the server room gets flooded.

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Offsite Replication

Replicate backups to a remote server, co-location facility, or data center, including a third-party cloud, so you’re ready for a site-wide or regional disaster.

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StorageCraft Cloud Replication

Replicate backups to our disaster recovery cloud—only you can access stored backups, and you can choose your level of protection, ranging from data recovery to instant full network recovery.

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  • “The built-in replication tools in ImageManager, which several clients use today, were just another piece of the plan that really came to benefit clients that chose to purchase that license for site-to-site replication. The flexibility of being able to replicate to just about anywhere is definitely a benefit of ImageManager."

    - Jeff Kuehn, Systems Engineering Manager, Xamin

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