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When fighting ransomware, prevention is your first line of defense.

Because you know the value of prevention, you:

  • Educate end users not to open emails or attachments from unknown senders or download software from torrent sites
  • Install and enable antivirus software
  • Keep Windows or other operating systems patched and updated
  • Employ email security tools and policies
  • Avoid running Microsoft Office applications on servers and limit browsing

But what if prevention fails?

The damage these viruses can cause to businesses goes beyond data loss, which in and of itself can be devastating. Companies can experience revenue and productivity loss as well as damage to reputation.

Whether it's WannaCry, Petya, or the next big outbreak, no business is ever really safe from malware.

According to a recent report*:

  • The UK has the highest number of attacks overall with 54 percent of UK companies hit by ransomware

  • More than half (58 percent) of UK companies paid the ransom

  • The UK had the highest amount of revenue loss worldwide with 60 percent of companies saying a ransomware attack cost them financially

But businesses can protect themselves with a disaster recovery plan that includes:

1.  Frequent and consistent backups that are checked regularly

2.  Replication of these backups to an offsite source that malicious software can’t touch

*, 3 Aug., 2016

If prevention fails, StorageCraft protects your data.

Our recovery solution includes:

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This next-generation data protection solution features unified SLA-driven management and tight integration with StorageCraft Cloud Services for true one-click disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Should a ransomware attack occur, you can recover data instantly from boot backup images, files in seconds, and entire systems in minutes.

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This converged data platform unifies enterprise-class data protection with scale-out storage. Withstand ransomware attacks and recover previous versions of files thanks to OneXafe's continuous and immutable snapshots. OneXafe tightly integrates with StorageCraft Cloud Services for one-click DRaaS.

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  • “The StorageCraft Cloud gives us peace of mind. If you lose data, you’re done. That’s why our number one priority is making sure it’s protected—it’s the only thing you can’t really get back or re-create. We feel protected now.”

    - Eric Weast, Owner, ECW Network & IT Solutions

  • "StorageCraft has opened the door for us to have a fully managed offsite backup solution for our clients.”

    - James Oberhaus, Vice President of Managed IT Services, CPI Solutions