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The library provides case studies, white papers, briefs, videos, and other types of information that help you learn about our solutions.


Learn about our solutions and how others have managed and protected data with StorageCraft.

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Case Study: OSG Vericlaim Uses StorageCraft to Get Business Continuity

Downtime costs OSG Vericlaim £100,000 per day. Find out how OSG Vericlaim protects itself.

Case Study: How ECW Saved Client Data During Hurricane Matthew

Having seen several storms hammer the eastern seaboard, ECW knows how critical it is for clients to have secondary cloud backups. Find out how ECW protected client data during Hurricane Matthew.

Kogo Uses StorageCraft Cloud Services as Scalable Data Centre

Find out why Kogo chose StorageCraft Cloud Services as the scalable alternative to having their own data centre.

Switching to StorageCraft Saves Company £70,000

Find out how CARA Technology used StorageCraft to keep a third-party logistics provider safe from cyberattack via spoof emails.

StorageCraft and QNAP Best Practices - 2017/08/17

Discover best practices when using the StorageCraft Recovery Solution and QNAP NAS to build a solid BDR appliance.

Case Study: A StorageCraft MSP Resolves a Cyber-Attack for Scott Aerospace

Scott Aerospace were infected via email and shut down servers to prevent a spread of the infection. Fortunately, the firm had backups.

Managed Service Provider Rescues Client From CryptoLocker

Bridge PR knew that something had gone wrong when they couldn't open files. Luckily, Zenzero IT Solutions could help.

StorageCraft MSP Trailblazers series - Steve Ross, Shackleton Technologies, UK

Steve Ross, Managing Director and co-founder of Shackleton Technologies based in Dundee, Scotland, provides the strategic direction that has made the 13 year old company a well-known brand for trusted and scalable IT support.

Video: ImageManager Advanced Verification with Hyper-V

Make sure your backups are always recovery-ready by verifying them with advanced image verification with Hyper-V, available in StorageCraft ImageManager version 7.1 and later.