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If you oversee a disaster recovery solution for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of systems, StorageCraft ShadowControl will make your life simpler.

StorageCraft® ShadowControl® is a free monitoring and management appliance. This appliance is for IT environments protected by StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX or StorageCraft ShadowProtect backup software.

ShadowControl works by deploying an “agent” (a small, unobtrusive program) to each “endpoint” (a computer within the monitored environment). The agent monitors ShadowProtect®, SPX, and StorageCraft ImageManager activity on these endpoints and sends data to the ShadowControl “appliance.”

The appliance (a Linux-based server running as a virtual machine or on dedicated hardware) evaluates endpoint data against rules that you define to determine if the endpoint is behaving normally or having a problem. The appliance alerts you to problems so you can respond quickly and resolve issues efficiently.

The ShadowControl architecture is very efficient, which enables a single ShadowControl appliance to manage thousands of endpoints. Organize the endpoints into categories and subcategories that are logical for your organization, and then remotely monitor every ShadowProtect, SPX, and StorageCraft ImageManager installation across the organization.

Because you can see at a glance how endpoint backup jobs are doing and receive alerts when problems arise, you can address any issues before they become critical and expensive.


ShadowControl doesn’t require you to purchase a license to use it. However, in order to install the software, you will need to accept the End-User License Agreement.


Technical specifications

ShadowControl appliance logo

The appliance uses a Linux operating system. You can run the appliance on standalone hardware or as a virtual machine.

Appliance Requirements


ShadowControl Agent logo

Install the ShadowControl agent on each desktop, laptop, or server you wish to monitor. The ShadowControl agent’s hardware and software requirements are the same as those for ShadowProtect and SPX, except that ShadowControl doesn’t support Microsoft Windows 2000.

Agent Requirements

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