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ShadowProtect IT Edition

Protect Windows Systems without Installing Software.

Back up, recover, and migrate unlimited business systems and data with a USB drive you can carry in your pocket.

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ShadowProtect IT Edition Features and Benefits

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Back up an unlimited number of Microsoft Windows systems (one at a time) for the duration of your subscription.

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Recover or migrate an unlimited number of Windows systems (one at a time) during your subscription.

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With ShadowProtect IT Edition PRO, recover an unlimited number of email messages and mailboxes for every Exchange server you support.

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Use ShadowProtect IT Edition in These Scenarios:

  • Doing a quick (hot) backup before starting any new project or system change

  • Creating a backup image of a system’s original factory settings

  • Upgrading to a new version of Windows server or desktop operating system

  • Migrating to new hardware or virtual environment

  • Performing bare metal recovery

Upgrade to ShadowProtect IT Edition PRO for these additional situations:

  • Retrieving accidentally deleted email messages and other data

  • Supporting electronic discovery (e-discovery) efforts and computer forensics investigations

Be Ready for Any IT Disaster.