StorageCraft Video Tutorials - ShadowProtect

Tech Tips with Steve

These Tech Tip videos will help you get started with StorageCraft® software and services.

Learn how to perform the following tasks:

  1. Activating ShadowProtect
  2. Setting Up a Backup Job with ShadowProtect
  3. Recovering a File or Folder with ShadowProtect
  4. Mount and Dismount Backup Images with ImageReady
  5. Recover an Entire System with ShadowProtect
  6. Using Hardware Independent Restore
  7. Virtualizing an Image Using VirtualBoot
  8. Using HeadStart Restore

Mount and Dismount Backup Images with ImageReady

StorageCraft® ImageReady technology is a software utility available with StorageCraft ShadowProtect® backup software that schedules and runs scripts on mounted backup image files. ImageReady tests the integrity of those files to ensure recoverability.

StorageCraft technical marketing manager, Steve Snyder, shows you how simple it is to use ImageReady to mount an image in your backup chain, run a custom script, and then dismount the image.