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On-Demand Webinar

Technical Deep Dive: OneXafe Solo Storage

On-Demand Webinar

Evaluator Group Product Review - OneXafe Solo

On-Demand Webinar

Protection proactive des données contre ransomware et restauration orchestrée
First Look – ShadowXafe v4 R5

We’re excited to bring you this enhanced version of ShadowXafe (and OneXafe Solo). ShadowXafe v4 R5 boasts expanded features empowering you to secure the highest level of confidence that customer data...

StorageCraft & Arcserve Portfolio Overview

Get an overview of the combined StorageCraft and Arcserve product portfolio.

Meet the New Global Leader in Data Protection and Management!

With the merger now completed, Arcserve and StorageCraft are coming together under the same “roof” to bring you the most extensive business continuity solution set. The opportunity for you to generate...

Under the Hood: ShadowProtect SPX 7

ShadowProtect SPX 7 is officially HERE! Join us as we take a look under the hood at the updated and expanded features of SPX 7.

DRaaS for Everyone: Technical Deep Dive & Demo

Here is the reality of being unprepared to recover from downtime or disaster: 40% of businesses don’t reopen after disaster strikes, and 25% fail within a year. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaa...

A Better Way to Manage StorageCraft Renewals

In this webinar, we will show you the latest features and enhancements for StorageCraft Renewals portal.

OneXafe Solo Technical Deep Dive

StorageCraft changed the BDR landscape with a solution designed specifically for the cloud era: OneXafe Solo. Junior Silva, Product Manager, will give you a look under-the-hood at this powerful BDR ap...

DRaaS for Everyone: Deep Dive & Demo

Do you have a DR strategy? See how you compare to other’s DR capabilities and how to build a solid strategy. We’ll also cover key DRaaS capabilities and a solution to make part of your plan.

The Benefits Of StorageCraft OneXafe Scale-Out NAS Storage

Whilst we are going through some unusually turbulent times, businesses are increasingly embracing digital technology to stay afloat and gain competitive advantage. However, the explosive data growth w...